Alternative & Innovative Materials


Over the past twenty-five years, Designer Doors has built a solid reputation as a pioneer in innovative design and unique construction materials and methods for custom garage doors. Today, we continue to lead the industry in applications that other manufacturers can’t begin to replicate. Take, for example, our stone garage door. We’ve also built doors with zinc, copper and stainless steel as well as reclaimed wood, glass and more. Whether the design is contemporary or a historic re-creation, we provide the innovative thinking and material knowledge to make your concept a reality.



Metals such as copper, bronze, zinc and iron have a rich architectural design history. Contemporary applications can include aluminum, stainless steel, rusted steel and textured metals. Metals also offer protection against the elements and in the case of metals that patina or rust, a natural, virtually maintenance-free finish. From metal accents, panels or appliqués to fully wrapped or formed components, the incorporation of metals into the facade of the door or gate can produce striking results.


Glass can be used as accents, panels and appliqués. Glass variations include opaque and colored as well as patterned. See specialty glass for more ideas.

  Close up of a teak and stainless steel door.

Close up of a teak and stainless steel door.


The use of natural materials, including stone, is one of the hottest trends in the architectural world today. In the past, stone hasn’t been seriously considered as a material for residential doors because of its weight. Today’s new innovative stone products have changed that. For example, one of the materials we use is a thin stone veneer mounted on aluminum honeycomb that weighs about the same as a hardwood. Design options can include creating a “hidden door” that blends into the home’s exterior, panels, inserts or trim.


Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in the last five to ten years because it is not only an environmentally sound idea to reuse the wood, but it also offers a special character not found in virgin timber. Old growth timbers are commonly recovered from bridges, trestles and old buildings, as well as the more common “barn boards.” They are reprocessed into standard board sizes and used in many applications ranging from siding to furniture. When rustic or unique character wood is desired and/or a “green” material is needed, reclaimed wood fits the bill nicely. Also, consider wood reclaimed from rivers, lakes, and swamps – truly unique materials that are becoming ever more popular.


Composites and plastics offer many creative design opportunities.