Casa Bella Verde: Beautiful Green House

From the work we do all over the country, we know the interest in green building technology continues to grow. Among our clients, one particular project stands out: Casa Bella Verde – a home where beauty and sustainability go hand-in-hand. The result is a home which qualifies for LEED Platinum status in every way - from its superb design to its high quality construction.

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Designer, project manager and homeowner Briana Alhadeff began the project more than 5 years ago with one purpose: create a beautiful home that incorporates the best energy efficiency and sustainability practices. As she began, it was clear that to accomplish her goal, she would need to pioneer new construction methods and rethink long-held customs. The entire wood-free home is built with ICF wall and floor systems and integrates a geoexchange system for efficient heating and cooling. Energy is generated with both roof-top solar panels and a wind generator. An advanced water-treatment and harvesting system provides for efficient rescue, use and reuse of water. Every element in the home has been evaluated for its efficiency, sustainability and beauty. The result is nothing short of spectacular. It's sure to be the place to look to when designing and building green homes in the future.


Designer Doors was selected to provide the doors for this amazing project based on two factors. Briana said, "It was very important to me that the doors be built with sustainability in mind - and that means longevity. With Designer Doors, not only are the doors well-built, they are truly beautiful."

The garage doors have been designed to perfectly complement the home's unique design – not only from a visual perspective, but also from the owners' firm commitment to green building practices. Once the design was set, we worked with the client to make sure we could incorporate construction techniques and materials that are true to the home's green intent. The doors are built on an FSC timber frame, insulated with the same material as the home's walls and clad with recycled copper.

We're honored to be a part of this revolutionary building project. To view this amazing home and the process of its construction, visit