WE'LL LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET. We're not here to sell you a garage door. (Then what is this ... the world's fanciest lemonade stand? No, but that would be fun, wouldn't it?) Quite simply, we're here to make your property – the entire property, whether home, retreat or business – as significant as you. And significance is made at the entrances. That's where the eye goes. It's where the energy flows. And, of course, each entrance is literally a threshold into your world. Main house, pool house, boathouse. Zagat-rated restaurant, boutique hotel or world headquarters. Each entrance should ... indeed, must ... speak your language in perfect harmony.

Let’s walk through two examples, shall we?


fluid façade



The arch top matches the arch of the upper floor windows

The window clusters in two columns harmonize with the house windows

And the piece de resistance – the "human door" within the garage door surround. (Look closely at the left end of the garage door...do you see it?) After all, who wants to raise the garage door every time Mr. Labrador needs to tour the neighborhood?

Front Entry Door

Classic, simple glass with side lite


Panel design, finished in black lacquer




doors as focal point

Whereas the first example was about streamlining design criteria – windows, color, shape – for a fluid façade, the garage doors of this woodland castle are all about focal point. The style, of course, harmonizes perfectly with the architecture, but the design creates drama, not subtlety.


Each iron clavos and pull is individually hammered – themselves works of art within the door.

These doors have a geometric overlay, accentuating the position of the iron pulls.

In keeping with the castle motif, the windows in the doors are small and vertical.