Craftsmanship: Why It Matters


If you're in the process of designing or remodeling a home, it won't come as any surprise to you that there are a ton of products on the market that have been, let's say politely, "value engineered." Certainly there are times when budget is the only criteria and a selection of products is needed to fit those situations. The products are not designed for artisan and stick-built homes and the quality difference is readily apparent. Our goal is to build garage doors that are suitable in any home, but are especially welcome in situations that require custom sizing and unique design. Most often, we install them in custom homes where a huge emphasis has been put on architectural details and quality construction. We fit right in.


You wouldn't expect your house to crumble in a few years nor would we build a door for a short shelf life either. It simply doesn't make any sense. It's not who we are and it's not how we believe our products should endure. (Our Pioneer Doors carry the industry's best warranty - 10 Years.) We often see and hear from people who have our original doors from a quarter century ago, and we're told they're still beautiful. That's what we're after. The long haul.


There are three components to our work that make longevity possible.

#1. Quality materials. Our doors are made of wood. You'll find many doors today that have something else on the inside and a thin veneer of wood on the outside for looks. That's not our way of building. Feel free to take a look at our iso drawings throughout this site. You'll find products made of one thing: wood.

#2: Expert engineering. Designer Doors has been at the forefront of developing a number of different processes and procedures that add to the quality and life of our doors. Many of these have been patented. This is the real heart of the issue: we care how our doors are built just as much as we care how they look. Every single thing we make has been through numous engineering steps to make sure we're building the best product possible. (Take a look at some of the info on our hurricane doors. We've seen them stand up to 150MPH winds. That's engineering.)

#3: Craftsmanship. All of our products are made at our facility in Wisconsin by a well-trained crew of talented people. We believe in paying a living wage. We believe in being a part of our community and treating people fairly. Because of that, we believe we can offer our customers the best built products available. Everything we make has been created by hand - by real craftsmen. It just doesn't get any better than that.


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