Custom Wood Garage Doors

Inspired design


When it comes to custom garage doors, Designer Doors leads the way in any doors design. From wooden garage doors to any other garage door designs, we set the industry standards. We take your custom garage door ideas, like the garage door within a door, and integrate your dreams into our custom wood doors. Designer Doors is your top-tier wood garage door and designer garage doors industry leader.

We have the technical ability and building know-how to include advanced features and functions such as Wicket Doors (door within a door), finished interiors, hidden struts, historical re-creations and large light sections (Northern Lites). Everything comes down to our commitment to build the best doors we can using skilled craftsmen, advanced engineering and innovation.

We know it can be a little daunting at first, and that's why we offer support so that we can achieve the greatest, most pleasing, aesthetic effect by integrating your doors, shutters and gates with the architectural details that make your house unique.