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For us, innovation is not a slogan. Our company started with innovation and it's the foundation of all we do.

Kent Forsland started out as a door dealer in Minnesota installing "regular" garage doors. He was replacing doors from more than 100 years ago and was so impressed with the quality, he bought one to study. His study door was an old barn door that had taken 100 years of the upper Midwest's extreme weather and was still sturdy. He took it apart and studied the construction that made it so durable. He and his team then figured out, not only how to replicate that old world quality of construction, but how to modify it so that it could be built as a sectional overhead door.

Today our team members still work hard to break boundaries and deliver better and more innovative products to our customers, like our sister line Cabrio Structures. For many of the architects and builders who turn to us for every project they do, it's always the same. They count on us to solve problems with innovation, to use the highest quality materials and to build with the best craftsmanship available. They demand the best and most innovative solutions from us, and our passion is to deliver.

At any given time at Designer Doors, you may see works of research into new designs, new engineering solutions and new finishing options that will help our doors endure. We don't have a 10 year warranty on a whim. We know that our doors will stand the test of time because we put them through the toughest weather in the country.

Below are pictures of our wood and finishing that are spending time on our roof.  In one short period of early Spring 2013, these samples were buried in 12 inches of snow and then submitted to 90+ degrees. And that's just within one month's time. We know exactly how our products will behave in the real world. That's where we test them.

We had a request from a customer who wanted to replicate a door that had an extremely tall top section. Most garage doors have a maximum top section of 30 inches. Any taller than 30 inches and the track system has issues unless the door is going to go straight up. We didn't have that luxury with this job, and so we developed a solution with an innovative new hinge system. This innovation allowed us to branch into a whole new set of product options we call Historic Lites™ garage doors. Other garage door companies draw a line of what you can and cannot do. At Designer Doors, we not only erase that line, we take great pleasure in breaking the pencil that drew it.

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