Designing Your New Door

a quick start guide


When you're working with Designer Doors, one thing will be clear from the start: we're a custom door company. We will be making your doors for you and your house. Everything on the door will be done so it fits your home perfectly - both functionally and from a design perspective.

Architectural Harmony begins with a vision that brings individual elements of the home into a complete picture. We offer nearly unlimited design options in our garage doors, matching walk-through doors and front entry doors to create design harmony for your home.

We know it can be a little daunting to start down that path. Here are some things to think about and tips to get started.

  Download our Design Guide  for more design ideas.

Download our Design Guide for more design ideas.


1) Identify the look of the door

What appeals to you?

View our Garage Door Design Ideas page. Let us know if there's a particular style (or two) that represents how you are envisioning your door. It's a great place to start.

When you look through the doors on our Garage Door Idea page, is there something that really stands out for you? Maybe arched tops? Or huge window panels? Is there a particular design element that really reminds you of your house?

That's a great place to start. Remember ... we're a custom door company. All things are possible! If you see a look that you love, we can integrate that look into the door for your house, customizing it so it fits perfectly. We'll work with:

  • The overall shape
  • The windows ... shape, position, number, custom glass ... and more
  • No windows
  • Millwork and decorative trim
  • Stained or painted
  • Decorative hardware
  • Special features and functions

2) Select the overall design of your doors

The sky is the limit

While all designs are possible, we have found over time that most of our clients: homeowners, architects and builders — tend to favor these popular styles.


Pioneer Garage Door Designs with Complementary Walk-Thru DoorS:


Standard Garage Door Designs:


Historic Garage Door Designs:


Front Entry Door Designs: