Technical Information: Entry Doors

Exterior Casing (Brickmold)

Designer Doors provides 2 standard exterior door casings, Brickmold and 5/4 X 4 S4S. 

The exterior casing is trim that is attached to the pre-hang frame.  People commonly refer to the exterior casing as “Brickmold”. Be aware that brickmold is a type of exterior casing that is a common profile used in door and window exterior trim applications.

The industry standard for Brickmould is 1-1/4” X 2” with a profile on the face. 
5/4 X 4 Casing, as it is known in the millwork trade is actually 1-1/16th X 3-1/2 inches.

Designer Doors mills their casings from solid wood using the same species as the jamb so they will stain the same. Alternate species and shapes are available upon request. If alternate shapes are requested a detailed cross-section of the shape is required.