At Designer Doors, we believe a superior finish is essential if your wood products are to maintain their value and beautiful looks for many years to come which is why we offer finishing services, from primer-only to the full three coat finish.

For stained wood products, we use Ilva brand stain finish. Ilva is a European water based finish that is environmentally friendly, long lasting and high quality. The Ilva Klima brand of finishing is available in a variety of standard colors and custom match color options.

For painted wood, we use a high solids acrylic or oil-based primer followed by one or two coats of high quality exterior latex paint. We color match paints from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or other brands of paint. Future finishing and touch up can be done in whatever brand you want to color match.

For clients who wish to do all the finishing on the job site, we provide unfinished products or we can apply the first primer coat of either stain or paint for you.