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Architectural Harmony: Why It Matters

Most often when you shop for doors, you'll see a number of different doors from which to choose. The concern is not about your house - rather you're asked to choose from what's available. Maybe it will work aesthetically, and maybe not.

Architectural Harmony changes that priority. We look at your house and your plans to determine what might be the best design for your house. The door, gate or shutter is then designed down to the smallest detail before we begin construction. It's a process that allows designers, architects and homeowners to really get it right.

bathroom.jpgArchitectural Harmony and The Stone Cottage

The Stone Cottage was featured on PBS's Hometime series with Dean Johnson. The architects, Mike Sharratt and Nora Kirkwold of Sharratt Design & Company, designed a lovely home with a distinctive look and feel. One design element is carried throughout the entire home - both inside and out: a crisp 4-pane window.

The first glimpse of the window is on the street-facing side of the garage. Inside, it's echoed in the bathroom cupboards, the kitchen, the transoms ... everywhere. It is only natural to extend that element to the garage doors, entry door and service door.

The window shape is critical yet it's the "wrong" size window for a garage door. (Window sections on garage doors are supposed to be small.) Instead of forcing a window design, we developed the technology to extend the window section of the door panels to accept this design element and created doors that are perfect for the home and its design. Design comes first. Then we develop the engineering to support it.


The repetitive 4-pane window design is used throughout the home's structure - in the home's windows, gable windows, plus in the interior cabinetry. We echoed this deign theme on the 3 garage doors, the FedEx door (garage service door) and the oversized utility door on the lower level.


The End Result

In the end, the visual impact is clear: this is a stunning home. The garage doors occupy a huge percentage of the home's façade. Often, garage doors can detract from the design and are really a bit of an eyesore. In this case, the doors enhance the beauty of the home and make a design statement to visitors the moment they pull into the driveway. This is precisely why Architectural Harmony matters.