"Man" Door for your Garage Door



Often, the garage door is just one of a number of doors on your home's exterior. (Though granted, it is the largest.) We offer a number of options for the "man door" you'll need on or near your garage. We have a number of different approaches to make this work for your home and your specific situation - especially if you have space limitations.



Many of our clients choose to have us build a walk-thru door for their garage that's styled like the garage doors. It's really a beautifully functional way to integrate more architectural detail into your home. The complementary door (or "FedEx Door" as it's now known) is separate from the garage door — but often nearby.


Or "door within a door"

Another option, particularly useful in remodeling or in urban situations with limited space on the façade, is the integrated walk-through door. Designer Doors has patented the process to build a walk-thru door into the same frame as the garage door. So even if your existing structure does not have a service door, we can build one into your garage door frame. In this case, the service door functions separately from the garage door and stays closed when the garage door is opened.


Designer Doors has become known for building "wicket doors" — the special garage doors that have a door within them for a walk-through door. It's a perfect urban and row house solution where there may not be space for a separate passage door in addition to the garage door. With a wicket door, you can access your garage without opening the overhead door. When you do operate the garage door, the wicket door becomes a part of the garage door for seamless operation.