Beauty and Grace



Garden gate or the grand entry gate. This architectural feature helps define Architectural Harmony™. It guards, invites, or conceals. The gate has myriad personalities. The making of the perfect gate requires handwork and engineering that aligns with all parts of the architecture.

A wholly unique and visionary detail that complements and adds character, we see the gate as integral to the architectural theme. It can add the discerning element of delight to the patio, garden, driveway, landscaping or general layout of the property. First seen, the gate makes the lasting impression.


When security is key to your home, the grand entrance gate can provide security and privacy without sacrificing beauty. Built with the same strong structure that we use for our Historic Design Swing Doors, our gates have a solid foundation on which to provide aesthetics and security. If your gate reaches a point where weight might be a concern, we create a metal framework to reinforce the wood, providing beauty and strength.


Whether a single half gate to provide structure to your landscaping or a tall concealing door to provide privacy, your garden gate can provide security, privacy and a whimsical doorway into your own private refuge.