We have our eye on a beautiful tomorrow. Sustainable abundance for our kids, our land, and all its glory.

Designer Doors has been at the forefront of sustainable practices since 1987. From our sustainably harvested wood to the solar panels at our home office in River Falls, Wisconsin to our staining product to the reusability of our doors years after they've served their purpose.


THE DELICATE BALANCE OF ECOSYSTEMS. Though well-intentioned, large scale tree-planting – on its own – is actually detrimental to the environment. To be sustainable, ecosystems must maintain an exquisitely delicate balance. Planting hundreds or thousands of trees drowns out other equally important vegetation, and disrupts animal and insect life.



The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) defines "sustainably harvested wood" as wood gathered from well-managed forests. Designer Doors uses sustainably harvested wood for our handcrafted doors means that no forests are damaged in the building of our doors.


Reusing Sawdust

All sawdust from our woodworking shop is donated to a local farmer to be used as cattle bedding.


Structural Integrity: Hurricanes & Rotting Wood

Choosing the right door for the weather is essential, especially since wood doors will deteriorate within 7-10 years unless certain measures are taken to protect the wood. Designer Doors implements moisture control methods and we offer a Coastal Package for projects located within 10 miles of a coastline to prevent unnecessary waste.

Designer Doors Hurricane garage doors carry both the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval, two of the toughest and most stringent building codes when it comes to wind load. Designer Doors even holds U.S. Patent 7,299,853 for the Hurricane design. That’s beauty, backed by brawn.



Designer Doors installed solar panels in 2009 to reduce our electric consumption. Since installing solar panels, we've been able to sell energy back to our utility company.


Staining Product: Longest Coating Life & low VOC

Designer Doors staining product is a water-based finishing stain specifically made for our wood garage and entry doors, shutters, and gates. We named each stain color after our local rivers and lakes in the Midwest.

Designer Doors staining product pays tribute to our environment not by name only, but also because it is a water-based stain and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Water-based stains are better for our environment.

The UV blocking particulates are nanoparticles that block harmful UV rays. The staining product provides optimum protection against the weather allowing wood to withstand direct exposure to rain, snow and moisture and adds high resistance to light and UV rays for the longest coating film life and greater color stability.


Our skilled craftsmen build each door with wood, nature's perfect building material, and everything is made in our own facility in Wisconsin. In the 1908's Kent Forsland began reverse engineering old solid-wood doors to see why they lasted for more than 50 years and, thus, began building high-quality garage doors using Douglas Fir for the framework, hand craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Today, Designer Doors continually improves our craftsmanship and our doors last 30-50+ years with minimal maintenance care.

Once a door has fulfilled its purpose as a garage door, don't be too fast to toss it out. Wood doors are built to last and has myriad second life potential.

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