Historic Designs

Modern doors, historic charm


Historic Designs

The perfect garage door can be a striking addition to your home—particularly when complemented by unifying front door, shutters, and gates. When your home has historically significant features and an architectural style that complements them, we provide the tools you need with our Historic Design options.


Authentic, historically accurate, and truly inspired re-creations showcase our admiration for renovation and preservation projects. Garage doors that swing, slide or fold open—much like the very first garage doors—are finished to perfection.

Perhaps you simply prefer doors that function the way they appear. Then, we’ll craft a perfect blend of form and function, and yes, history, to create beautiful, architecturally accurate doors!

  • Custom profiles from your drawing or sample, source-specific tooling, milled by our own craftsmen
  • Historic restoration
  • Authentic function—swing, slide, fold


Designer Doors Historic Lites garage doors provide a unique way to integrate architectural themes and decorative glass without sacrificing operational integrity. With Historic Lites' substantial lite sections, you can complement a home's existing window patterns and achieve Architectural Harmony™ without the usual limitations of garage door design.


The construction of our Traditional Panel door provides the look, finish, and overall performance characteristics that offer you the best panel door on the market. This door features clear, non-finger jointed Douglas Fir for a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The interior surface is covered in exterior grade plywood, and 1/2-inch expanded polystyrene insulation is standard.



We also re-design our traditional panel construction and use glass in the panels for a stunning functional glass door that coordinates well with many of today's architecturally modern homes.

With the Traditional Panel we offer a wide range of materials and millwork options. Overall, the Traditional Panel is designed to satisfy the vision of your project and accent the architectural integrity of the home.

  • Time-tested stile and rail construction with solid Douglas Fir frame for superior stability
  • Cope and stick joinery with pocket hole screws for ultimate strength
  • Proven moisture control system for longer life
  • High humidity and insect resistant packages
  • Custom profiling in both panel and frame