Technical Information: Entry Doors

Jamb Materials

Standard jamb materials available from Designer Doors are Douglas Fir or Mahogany. The default jamb for paint grade doors is Douglas Fir.

For Stain grade doors the species specified on the door will also be specified for the jamb, unless the material of the door is Western Red Cedar, in which case we recommend Sapele Mahogany because Western Red Cedar is too soft for jamb material. If the customer wants contrast between the Jamb and Door we also use a comletely different species that will stain differently.

The most common wood species for door jambs in the entrance door industry is Douglas Fir and Mahogany. We have a wide variety of wood species available for the door, however not all species will work for all applications. Your representative will have more information on what woods work well in Jamb applications. Click here for a look at our standard offerings.