Technical Information: Entry Doors

Jamb Widths

Standard jamb widths are available in 4-9/16 and 6-9/16. These are industry standards relative to the most common exterior wall thickness.

Other Jamb widths can be built but may require special engineering. This is where our experts can help you. If the desired jamb width is 1/8” less or 5/8” wider than a standard jamb width we will use a threshold for a standard jamb unless otherwise requested. The difference will be how far the exterior lip of the threshold overhangs the opening. See the diagram.

This will only work with Oak aluminum thresholds. If an all oak threshold is required a custom width threshold will be built. If the door has an exterior casing (Brickmould, S4S Etc.) applied it may also affect how the door is installed and how it fits relative to the opening.  Contact your representative if you have any questions about the requirements.