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Our Beginnings

In the 1980s, Kent Forsland, a garage door dealer in Minneapolis, observed that many newer doors were falling apart as he replaced them. He thought this was interesting, as decades-old wood doors retained their integrity.

Two requests caused an aha! moment for Kent.

  1. The first, a builder requesting a swing-open looking wood door with roll-up functionality.
  2. The second, a Minneapolis homeowner requesting a roll-up garage door that would look at close to her 100-year old carriage house door as possible.

Kent knew he could build these beautiful custom wood garage doors but first he had to find out how to ensure their longevity.

What made the solid old wood doors resist rotting and sagging and all the weather? Kent dissected the doors - the new doors and the old doors. The answer was simple: the old doors had a solid Douglas Fir frame and superior construction techniques.

Kent began working with architects to create beautiful AND sustainable custom wood doors. Soon architects and upper echelon homeowners were asking for beautiful matching walk-through and service doors, shutters and garden gates to complement their beautiful garage doors and their equally beautiful homes. And the philosophy of Architectural Harmony™ was born.

Kent founded Designer Doors in 1987 and was named the father of the modern carriage house door.

Our Studio

Today, our studio is the world leader of handcrafted, superior wood doors, with patented, unique detailing and innovative technology. We continue to strive for perfection in all pursuits.


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