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Designer Doors pioneered the revival of handcrafted carriage doors in 1987. We combined the architectural refinement and authentic appearance of carriage doors with innovations that allowed the doors to open overhead like modern garage doors.

But we didn’t stop there. Over the years, we have continued to be the leader in innovative design and engineering. Designer Doors holds more patents than any other wood garage door company in the industry. We introduced the Simulated Center Post, Plural façades and other unique designs, The Hurricane Frame that can withstand windloads of up to 140 mph, Integrated walk-through doors and wicket doors.

We’ve wowed the industry with doors built with copper and cultured stone, and have a patent pending for a concealed strut design that helps make the door’s interior as beautiful as the exterior.

At Designer Doors, innovation is our passion.

We invite professionals, such as you, to join us in pushing the boundaries and ensuring that none of your customers have to settle for “good enough”.