So much more than a window dressing



We proudly craft the finest wood shutters for the finest homes and leading-edge projects. Our distinguished and historical exterior shutters are a meticulous finishing statement that shows character and care for the home. We are pleased to offer traditional and contemporary styles, but perhaps we’re most proud of our ability to satisfy requests for historical shutters, with authentic period hardware. We customize the look you want, and provide any design to harmonize with any architecture. Going well beyond the decorative shutters common today, we build true working shutters – functional shutters designed for beauty and protection.

You’ll appreciate our turnkey solutions and be inspired by our incomparable quality, impeccable timing, and courteous follow-through. You’ll also appreciate how our staff manages your project from every detail through the finish.

We are here to help. Simply contact us to get started. Our design specialists can answer any questions you might have and provide a quote. They can also assist with perfectly coordinated custom wood garage doors, front entry doors, service doors and gates for the seamless presentation we call Architectural Harmony™.


Panel Shutters 

Panel Shutters complement many home styles and can offer a variety of options to mimic both the garage door and entry door.

Classic Louvre

Classic Louvre Shutters are among the most common shutter styles.  Fitting many different styles of architecture, they are an easy fit to your home.

Bermuda Louvre

Bermuda Louvre shutters are a great shutter for areas where shading from the sun is a necessity and airflow is critical.  Designed to open from the bottom and cover the entire window, this shutter provides functional protection.

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and Batten Shutters are a popular bungalow-style shutter, however it complements many home styles and can offer a variety of options to fit your home's unique style.

Classic Shutter Configurations

In many cases you will want to break your shutter up to not be a solid panel.  Below are some common ways to configure the panels for your shutters.  These classic configurations can give you an idea for your own home.


Beautiful Wood: Cedar, Pine and So Much More

Exotic or traditional, smooth as silk or rugged and rough, each wood species has its own special appeal. Our standard external surface material for our custom wooden entry doors is clear-grade western red cedar. No man-made material can match its richly textured grain and palette of warm, mellow tones, which can range from honey gold to dark brown. 

Additional Details for your Consideration

You expect the best and that’s what we give you on every project.  Our shutters are no exception.  Crafted using time-honored mortise and tenon, or cope and stick joinery, we offer the following options:


Overlapping the center of the shutters in the closed position so no light can get through


Decorative piece of trim that goes over the rabbet, providing a more finished appearance.


Copper or other metal capping: Helps prevent moisture intrusion on the top of the shutter and adds a classic, professional touch to the shutters. Copper, Aluminum and Zinc capping available.


As with our garage and entry doors, we can apply custom molding to panels or frames to make the project truly unique.


Have round top windows?  We are happy to accommodate the shutters of your choosing to fit the arch.

How to Measure for your Shutters


You can gather your measurements from inside your house by opening the window.  It will help to record your findings as you measure, or even draw a simple diagram of your window with the measurements labeled.  Measure the height and width of your window opening where the shutters would rest in a closed position.  Since windows aren’t always perfectly square, taking two measurements – one on each side of the window height, and the top and bottom widths – is important.

 Rectangular Window

Rectangular Window



Gather the windows rectangular measurements as mentioned above – leaving the arch section out of the measurement at first.  Then measure the height from the bottom of the window to the highest point of the arch top (usually up the very center of the window).  This will be your largest measurement.

 Arch Top Window

Arch Top Window


Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware can be both beautiful and functional.  Below are some standard offerings for our shutters. 



At Designer Doors, we believe a superior finish is essential if your wood products are to maintain their value and beautiful looks for many years to come which is why we offer finishing services, from primer-only to a two coat preparatory finish.

For stained wood products, we use Ilva brand stain finish. Ilva is a European water based finish that is environmentally friendly, long lasting and high quality. The Ilva Klima brand of finishing is available in a variety of standard colors and custom match color options.

For painted wood, we use a high solids acrylic or oil-based primer followed by one or two coats of high quality exterior latex paint. We color match paints from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or other brands of paint. Future finishing and touch up can be done in whatever brand you want to color match.

For clients who wish to do all the finishing on the job site, we provide unfinished products or we can apply the first primer coat of either stain or paint for you.

Warranties - the best in the industry

Designer Doors offers industry-leading warranties on our shutters. We believe that the quality of our products will stand the test of time. Click here to see our 2-year Warranty for our shutters.