Styles of Homes: An Architectural Guidebook

At Designer Doors, we’ve worked with nearly every style of home through our 30 years in the garage door business to provide custom-crafted designs to always connect and complement the Architectural Harmony™ envisioned by the architect and design of the time.  The respect and joy we have for finding the perfect product for the architectural style of the home, whether you are looking for garage doors, entry doors, shutter or gates brings us together with our customer to create lasting value.  We invite you to learn from our experience and enjoy a trip through history.

Travel through time and see the influences, characteristics, and architectural flavor of specific periods—a snapshot of styles that could inspire your project, or simply demonstrate your own home’s unique profile and how to ensure you stay true to the vision. 

Find the architectural period that corresponds with elements of your home, then scroll down to see examples of doors, window, shutters, and garage door styles that complement or harmonize with the architectural style.

Begin by clicking on an architectural period on the left.