The Stone Cottage

The Stone Cottage sits on a beautifully wooded lot surrounded by mature trees. With its stone exterior, steeply pitched slate roof and gleaming copper gutters, it's a classic beauty.

More than a million people watched the home's construction, episode by episode, on the popular show "Hometime" hosted by Dean Johnson. Designer Doors was pleased to have been selected to provide the front entry door, garage doors and numerous service doors.


Nearly 25 years ago, Dean Johnson began the Hometime series to provide homeowners with a good source for home improvement information. Currently, more than a million loyal viewers tune in to watch each week as Dean explains the fine points of new construction, general remodeling, landscaping, decks, kitchen and bath remodels and more.

The Designer Doors connection to Hometime goes back more than a decade. Dean says, "I look to Designer Doors on projects like this because I know they'll provide the 4 essential things I'm looking for: creativity in the design phase, superb materials, quality construction and attention to detail. Once again, on the Stone Cottage, they've come through."


Mike Sharratt and Nora Kirkwold of Sharratt Design & Company had an interesting challenge: design a home that meets the needs of a modern family and keep the size to a modest 3,000 sq. ft. Include a first floor master bedroom and office, refrain from duplicated space and incorporate the conveniences people expect in a new home.

Sharratt Design met the challenge -- and more. They created the design for a home that's beautiful from every angle while providing warm and inviting spaces for entertaining, relaxing, working and dining. In addition, the home has functional features that make everyday life easier -- like a FedEx door, garage drainage system, oversized shop entrance and convertible patio space with retractable floor-to-ceiling screens.


One prominent element of the home's design is a crisp, paned window -- used in groups and as a single accent. Use of the window pattern provides one of the best examples of Architectural Harmony we've seen. The pattern is included in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards, the transoms in the living room, throughout the first and second floor window groupings and in all the entry doors.


As a prominent feature of the home, the three garage doors were designed with the same signature window treatment. Typically, garage doors are built with 3 or 4 equal horizontal sections. While windows could be used in the top section, this format would have required the use of horizontally shaped windows -- a complete break from the home's harmonious theme. Instead, Designer Doors used their patented construction technique that allows for a larger top section with much larger windows. The result is a door that functions with modern overhead technology, but includes the distinctive window pattern that is the backbone of the home's Architectural Harmony.

The window pattern used in the garage doors is the same shape used everywhere in the home. Beautifully finished both inside and out, the doors enhance the beauty of the home's exterior while providing a clean, polished look for the garage's interior.


The massive front entry door provides a gracious introduction to the home. Built at 2-1/4" thick, Designer Doors' standard, the door has the sturdy, classic presence the stone home demands. With its beautiful clear cedar interior and exterior, plus the signature square paned window, the door fits both the natural elements of the home and its fundamental design elements. In addition to the entry door, Designer Doors also built several service doors for the home -- each using the clear cedar and signature window element to its best advantage. In addition to the FedEx door and side service door, Designer Doors created an oversized 3-1/2' door for use as a shop entrance on the lower level. While it adds a gracious design accent to the lower level, the door also provides easy access for oversized furniture and mechanicals -- a feature sure to be appreciated by movers, craftsmen and repairmen for decades to come. Thank you, Hometime!

We'd like to thank Dean Johnson and his crew for selecting Designer Doors to be a part of the Stone House project. To see the home, visit To see specific Hometime episodes, check the viewing information.