Technical Information: Entry Doors

Thresholds and Sills

Designer Doors purchases all their adjustable thresholds from an outside manufacturer. Thresholds may also be referred to as sills

Our standard in-swing door threshold offerings are all oak adjustable and bronze/oak aluminum adjustable. The adjustable part of the threshold (riser bar) is a solid Oak bar that can be raised or lowered slightly to contact the sweep on the bottom of the door.

Bronze oak adjustable in-swing thresholds are available for 4-9/16 and 6-9/16 jamb widths. Standard all oak adjustable in-swing thresholds are only available for 4-9/16 wide jambs.



Out-swing thresholds have an oak interior and a mill finish aluminum exterior. They are available for 4-9/16 and 6-9/16 jambs.


ADA (American Disabilities Act) sills are also available upon request and can be ordered with the door.  ADA thresholds are all aluminum and do not come attached to the jamb as other thresholds do. ADA thresholds are designed to ship loose then put in place when the door is installed and attach to the floor rather than the jambs. They are designed with wheel chair access in mind and have a very low profile meeting ADA requirements. These thresholds are not adjustable. They are available in widths from 3-10 inches wide in 1 inch increments. ADA Sills are available in Mill Finish Aluminum, Mill Finish Extruded Bronze, Bright Dip Gold Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Gold Anodized and Satin Nickel Anodized. Designer Doors does not stock these sills, so plan for an additional lead-time if ordering these sills.


Custom width all Oak adjustable thresholds and non-adjustable sills are also available upon request. Custom Jamb width Oak adjustable thresholds use the same design as the all Oak 4-9/16 adjustable threshold but the nose is extended.

A custom non-adjustable sill is available for in-swing and out-swing applications. Standard material is Oak but can be made from other materials as specified. Custom non-adjustable designs are dependent on the applications and will need to be looked at in detail to determine needs are met.  When specifying non-adjustable custom sills you will need to know the jamb width, in-swing or out-swing requirements and material species if other than oak. Size and shape are relative to design requirements and will be defined by our expert engineers as needed.