The Best Warranty in the Business

Designer Doors offers industry-leading warranties on our doors. We believe that the quality of our products will stand the test of time. While all of our warranties are proof that we believe in what we build, the warranty on our Pioneer Doors is exceptional. Our Pioneer Doors carry an industry best 10-year warranty. When you compare - and we hope you do - you'll find that the industry standard warranty for wood garage doors is 1 year.

Please note: Our 10-year warranty applies to Pioneer doors built in specific woods that have proven to stand up to the rigors of weather and use. While exotic species are available for the surface of your door, you'll want to ask how their use will impact your warranty.

For specific information on our warranties please click on the links below

Pioneer: 10-Year Warranty

Other Warranties

Hurricane: 2-Year Warranty

Traditional Panel: 2-Year Warranty

Historic Re-creations Swing Door: 1-Year Warranty

Entrance Door: 2-Year Warranty

Specialty Material: 1-Year Warranty

Shutters: 2-Year Warranty

Gates: 2 -Year Warranty