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Wood Options

We invite you to browse the wood options we proudly offer as standard on our products. 

Our Most Popular Choice

Many of customers choose to have their doors created in Western Red Cedar because of it's durability. Because Western Red Cedar offers a unique spectrum of colors (sometimes on the same board), we offer two options to ensure that you receive the look you want. 

Stain Grade Natural is for a more natural look, dark boards can be put next to lighter boards, this can really be appealing in a rustic style situation or when you want the natural beauty that Western Red Cedar offers to stand out.

Stain Grade Select is ideal when you want a more uniform look across the surface of the door.  You can choose whether you want lighter tone boards or darker tone boards.  However, it's important to remember that wood is a natural product.  As such, some of the boards will absorb stain differently than others causing tonal variation even when the boards are similar in starting tone.  We believe this feature is an asset of real wood that fiberglass and composite materials just cannot match.

Stain-Grade-Natural31-129x115.jpg Stain-Grade-Select31-129x115.jpg

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar