Beautiful Wood: Cedar, Mahogany and So Much More

Exotic or traditional, smooth as silk or rugged and rough, each wood species has its own special appeal. Our standard external surface material for our custom wooden garage doors is clear-grade western red cedar. No man-made material can match its richly textured grain and palette of warm, mellow tones, which can range from honey gold to dark brown. Our customers can select Stain Grade Natural, which showcases a range of hues, or Stain Grade Select, which has more color uniformity between the individual boards.

The beauty of wood endures year after year, but it also makes good environmental sense. Wood doors require much less energy to produce than steel or concrete. And as one of the world's only renewable building materials, wood cannot only be recycled, but regenerated as well.

In addition to western red cedar, we build doors from the species pictured plus many other specialty woods. Certain species are more appropriate for certain projects depending on your area's climate, the door's exposure and the type of construction. (Note also that some of these species may not be covered by our standard limited warranty.) Your Designer Doors Territory Manager can guide you in your selection.


Many of customers choose to have their doors created in Western Red Cedar, as seen in these two photos below. There are two stain-grade choices:


Wood Selections

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